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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 2, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning. i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. it is may the 2nd, thank you for watching fox and friends first. >> in the two weeks since the bombings in boston a lot of people speculated the two known suspects must have had help. >> now three more men have been charged for covering for their friend dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> it was three-days after the bombing that the three new suspects ladies and
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gentlemenedly tri -- allegedly tried to help dzhokhar tsarnaev. they are both from kazakhstan. they both knew tsarnaev and another man removed a backpack containing 7 red tubular fireworks with the powder emptied out from his dorm room after it became clear to them that he was the man in the fbi's wanted photos and took the back tack and through it away to help their friend stay out of trouble. there are other chilling details in the complaint we got. he told them that he knew how to make a bomb and when the new suspect texted him about looking like the most wanted man in
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america dzhokhar's reply was lol. now they are charged with obstruction of justice the american is charged with lying to investigators. his lawyers say the charges against him are without merit. >> he absolutely denies the charges. as we said from the beginning he assisted the fbi in this investigation. he is just as shocked and horrified by the center lines in boston that took place in the rest of the community is. he did not know this individual was involved in the bombing. >> after these three arrests were made the boston police department came out and made a point to say there is no ongoing threat to public safety here in boston or anywhere else. back to you. >> just continues to unravel. these are the top five stories making news at this hour. a real scare on the runway, two planes brushing up against one
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another as they got ready for takeoff. this was the scene at the airport. a scandinavian airlines plane clipping the tail of a united plane as they were taxiing down the runway. no one was hurt. they are looking into what caused the mishap. >> the justice department will appeal on plan b morning after pill. the judge who issued the ruling exceeded his authority and wants this controversial decision suspended while the appeal is underway. this after the fda said girls as young as 15 could get the contraception over the counter without a prescription or permission from their parents. >> it turned into real mayhem last night. look at this. >> police used pepper strpray
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broke up a dozen unruly demonstrators. they through rocks and even fireworks at police. 8 officers were hurt. >> t >> it took two hours to hoist the 250 pound piece of wing out of the alley where it was discovered three blocks from ground zero. they brought it to nypd officers. officials say it may eventually end up in the national september 11th memorial and museum. a country icon will be laid to rest. ♪ >> what a voice there. the funeral for country singer george jones will be held later this morning. services start at 11:00 today. jones died after he was hospitalized with a fever and
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irregular blood pressure. he released 143 country hits over his long career. george jones 81 years old. that is your 5@5:00. >> the search for justice in the benghazi terror attacks. fbi now releasing photos of three men wanted for questioning and the huouse of representativs scheduling a hearing so they can hear from new witnesseses. the white house is denying anything about whistleblowers. >> it happened a long time ago. we are unaware of any agency blocking an ploy' blocking information of the latest to benghazi. it is part of unfortunate pattern of spreading information and politicizing this issue. >> the comment it happened a long time ago is getting a lot of attention this morning.
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elizabeth prann is live in washington. >> as you hear the media continues to question white house press secretary jay carney while he would prefer to move on at the same time the fbi is leasing pictures of the suspects who are wanted in connection to the consulate attacks on september 11th. surveillance photos of the men it appears one could be holding a rocket launcher. this is an investigation to exactly what happened last night and what if anything could have been done to prevent it has been a point of conventitention with lawmakers. they have exclusive reports one includes an attorney who says her client has been threatened if he or she releases any information regarding the attack. >> i am telling you i have a client that wants to speak, wants to testify, wants to give classified information. if that is not good enough. i am not having my client put him or herself and expose him or herself until the state
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department says i have clearance for classified information. >> we heard from an investigator he says that night could have been handled differently. the mastermind is walking in libya free and we know who he is. john mccain says any government employee should be able to come forward and provide information. >> we don't know enough about the individuals. we have had to use a silhouette. it is outrageous because people should be able to come forward and tell what happened. >> other law americas sent a letter to the president requesting the names of the benghazi attack survivors. they have scheduled a house hearing into the attack next week. elizabeth prann in
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washington. we will hear more. >> charles krauthammer is reacting to those comments made by jay carney. here's his look at benghazi. >> benghazi happened a long time ago. they have stone walled every inquiry delayed answers and not released names and told all kinds of stories. they are saying well it's an old story. i have argued from the beginning the administration has been string it out over time and count on the mainstream media to be uninterested in this story. it echos what hillary clinton said, what difference does it make at this point. well, because if you wait that long the evidence will fade.
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there are people in the state department who want to testify and now that it is out in the open that they are being -- at least the accusation is, they are threatening them in cases like that they will be able to go out and testify. there is stuff that happened there that contradicts at least according to the people who were there that contradicts the official story. that is when the unravelling of this began. >> president obama said esz not wear of any potential whistleblowers who want to come forward about the attacks in benghazi. >> the spring flowers will have to wait longer in the state of colorado. snow there and freezing temperatures causing multiple accidents in the denver area. black ice is blamed for much of
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the forecast. >> the storm system has reportedly produced 28 inches of snow in parts of colorado. significant snowfall accumulation. reported nine inches of snow. widespread areas seeing significant snowfall from the system. we are seeing the snow come down right now in parts of colorado and kansas and even down into parts of the texas panhandle. incredible stuff seeing snow come down on may 2nd. we are not expecting much accumulation in parts of texas but as we head southward picking up rain as well. 10 inches across southern parts of alabama. we are expecting more rain today. flood waters are in effect. we have extreme heat and strong winds keeping an elevated fire
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danger in california. i will bring more on that in about 30 minutes. >> ifs 10 minutes after the hour and time for brew on this. cou >> there's a study out people who do chores for their partners see it as sacrifices rather than good deeds. if you are in a bad mood making a sacrifice for significant other can worsen your mood. researches say it can lead to a lot more arguments. >> that lead us to our question of the day. is being selfish the key to a successful relationship? send us your comments you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an email at >> how much does it cost to feed a family of four? be prepared for the sticker shock. >> would you get a tattoo in order to get a raise at work? what if the tattoo was your
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>> it is now quarter after the hour. a devout christian from the united states sentenced to 15 years hard labor in north korea. he lived in china but frequently visited korea to visit the orphans. he allegedly quote committed hostile acts. he is being used as a bargaining chip for the country. ♪
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>> crisscross, he was one-half of the rap duo crisscross is in the hospital of an apparent drug overdose. the two men group were discovered in a shopping mall. kelly was 34 years old. >> sounds like good news the jobless rate is in 90 percent of u.s. cities falling. it's not necessarily because more people found work. adam shapiro is here to explain it to us. >> because your kids are asleep i am going to give you this expressi expression. (speaking foreign language snchl ( >> when the labor department crunch numbers from march they said the unemployment rate fell in some of the largest cities in the country it's not accurate it's not because those people aren't going back to work they are giving up looking for it.
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friday is the day they release the unemployment numbers and the expectation is it will hold. >> the lowest unemployment rate in midland texas 3.1 percent. the heist unemployme-- highest unemployment rate uma arizona 22 percent. >> job reports come out tomorrow. >> peter barns will be reporting those numbers live as they come down. >> the usda puts out a cost list. it will cost you $146 a week for a family of four. this assumes you are eating healthy and not doing what they call the more liberal diet which is 289 a week budget which is seafood and the jane fonda. >> you are so funny this morning. appreciate it this morning.
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the time now is 17 after the top of the hour. up next on the "rundown if you are one of the people adam mentioned who are giving up work cheryl casone is next with three companies hiring right now. forget the pop quiz. professors areable to track student's work even when they are not in work. would that have gotten you in trouble? >> a lot of trouble. i didn't do my work.
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>> welcome back. it is 21 after the top of the hour. quick headlines for you. college students won't be able to ignore reading textbooks any more. course smarts an let tianalytics
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professors know if they are reading and taking notes. it goes to an on-line dash board. it is being tested at universities. it hopes to help students graduate on time. >> nasa captures a solar eruption. the gigantic rolling solar wave it can shoot over a billion tons of particles into space at over a million miles per hour. pretty cool. >> kind of scary looking, too. >> we know it has been tough for military personnel making transition from the military to civilian jobs here at home. cheryl casone has done a lot of work from the fox business network. you spoke to one leading the charge on this. who is it? >> the chairman and ceo of cisco systems. he is one of several large
2:23 am
companies working with the administration to get the certifications for military personnel while they are still in the military. before they leave, before they become jobless get the certifications they need. i asked them why is it so important to you. here's what he said. >> there will be a million servicemen and women coming back who protected our country. to ask them to fight the battle for a job is just wrong. we have to as a country come together in public private partnership really think about training these young people enabling them to connect to the opportunities and get jobs. is cisco hiring? absolutely. >> 1.8 million jobs is the goal by 2020. there's about 5700 jobs posted right now. most of it as you would image is it, engineering salaries are all over the place and jobs all over the place globally because kicio is a multi million dollar.
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>> question for you. at the same time they are going through the training so they can transition from the military right into a job? >> right into a job. we have veterans sitting there giving up calls and e-mails saying i have not worked in 6 months, a year. women don't get me started on that. i have other companies to get to but it's a big problem. >> tell us about forever yogurt. i am so glad frozen yogurt is coming back. >> it's going to be 70 degrees in new york city. forever yogurt 6-800 positions open mostly along the midwest and along the east coast. dc, boston especially by the way. it's a franchise opportunity. team members, managers things like that. it's like a summer job by the way. we are talking about college kids. >> this is health way. they make the equipment that goes and cleans the air and all of the aller agains out of hotel rooms, offices, people's homes.
2:25 am
allergy season has been so bad. they are based in up state new york. there are about 45-60 jobs open. 30-85,000 is the salary range. the full benefits which i always like to add in there if i could find that with these companies. medical and 401 k. >> it's all there. >> you are the best. cheryl, thanks. it's about 25 minutes after the hour. coming up the search for the missing mom in michigan. police questioning a man after they released new surveillance video of the suspect's mini van. plus former president george w. bush giving students a surprise of a lifetime. we will tell you what happened. >> first this day in history in 1885 the first edition of "good house keeping" was published. 1885. we will be back.
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>> good morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather nauert. >> half past the top of the hour. thanks for joining us. >> in the two weeks since the boston bombing they speculated the two known suspects must have had help. >> now three more men have been charged with covering for their
2:30 am
friend dzhokhar tsarnaev just before the bombing. peert dos s -- peter doocy is l. >> it is two-days after the bombings on boylston street that the accomplices knew they needed whatever they could so their friend dzhokhar tsarnaev did not get into any trouble. two men from kazakhstan who have known tsarnaev since meeting him at u mass dartmouth and another man removed a backpack containing 7 red tubular fireworks with the powder emptied out from dzhokhar's dorm room after it became clear to them that he was one of the men in the fbi's photos. they took it off campus and through it away so their friend would not get in any trouble.
2:31 am
we have another chilling details from the criminal complaint that dzhokhar told them one month before the marathon that he knew how to make a bomb. when the new suspect texted dzhokhar about looking like the most wanted man in america dzhokhar replied, lol. the two men are charged with obstruction from justice and the american is charged with lying to investigators but his lawyer says that the charges against his client are without basis. >> he denies the charges. as we said from the beginning he assisted the fbi since the investigation. he is just as shocked and horrified at the violence that took place as the rest of the community is. he did not know this individual waudz involved in the -- was involved in in the bombing. >> they made a point to say there is no ongoing threat to the public here in boston or
2:32 am
anywhere else. heather and heather? >> peter thank you so much live in boston. it is time for the 5@5:30. police releasing new surveillance video which they believe showed the mini van belonging to heeringa's suspected abductor. we have learned police have a man in custody and they are questioning him about heeringa's disappearance from where she worked on friday. they are considering the man a person of interest at this time. it has been reported they may give him a polygraph test. a woman whose family was killed when her mansion went up in flames is suing the city for demolishing her home so soon after that tragedy. madonna badger says they tore down her $1.7 million home the very day after this caught fire. she claims they did this in order to cover up some mistakes.
2:33 am
the fire killed her parents and daughters. she is claiming the city was eager to tear down the home to process the building material. they are infringing on the right to bear arms. the senate passed a bill that would ignore federal law deemed violations of the second amendment. the bill must still be passed by the state house and signed the governor. what if your boss said you could make more money by getting a tattoo. a new york firm is offering a 15 percent raise if they get the logo. they got the idea from one of the employees, listen to this. >> he was showing it to a tattoo artist. he said i am in the chair getting the logo tattooed. i am down there i am awed i am in shock. how can i repay you. he said no i just love the
2:34 am
company. >> really you have a tattoo on your arm? does that come off? >> i don't know. >> i got asked the question what if you get fired? i have no intentions of getting fired. >> so far 40 agents have taken up that ceo on the offer. would you do it? i certainly would. >> we wear sleeveless dresses all of the time. we should get it on our arm. >> the bush library is open for business. the first students elector were in for quite a surprise. >> do we know who this is? >> welcome to the oval office. >> the 43 students were taking pictures in the replica oval office when george w. bush himself stopped. what a treat. the students then saw the rest of the museum including beams from the world trade center. they were chosen by school
2:35 am
administrators. two of them had visited all 13 presidential museums in america. that is your 5@5:30. >> it could finally be a break maybe in the investigation into the benghazi terror attack just as the white house is facing some difficult questions about its role in the search for answers. doug luzader has the latest for us from washington. doug, good morning. >> heather, good morning. the timing has raised some eyebrows. they are facing reports that federal wiles blowers are stepping forward about the benghazi attack the fbi says they are looking for three people that may be connected to the attacks. since this all happened in september of last year there have been few if any public leads. now the fbi has released pictures of three individuals they think are connected to the attack a move that has not exactly won over white house critics in congress. >> what's going on here?
2:36 am
benghazi is 8 months old nobody has been arrested. the survivors have never been allowed to talk to by the congress. this administration is investigating itself. i am urging the president challenging this administration allow the survivors to come forward without the fear of being fired. >> the fbi says the timing here is coincidental coming as fox news reported whistleblowers and the state department and cia are preparing to talk about the events leading up to the attack as well as the u.s. response. the white house and the state department denied allegations any employees are being threatened or blocked from coming forward. >> benghazi happened a long time ago. we are unaware of any agency blocking an employee to provide information related to benghazi. these allegations are part of an unfortunate pattern of spreading this information and poll lit siding this issue. >> an attorney who claims to represent one of the whistleblowers says the
2:37 am
administration is just splitting hairs here. the u.s. and congress hope to hear from survivors of the benghazi attack. heather? >> doug luzader, thank you. >> we are two-days into may but would you believe by looking at this rocky mountain national park saw over a foot of snow. >> i am getting a lot of complaints from my mom. maria molina is here with your first degree weather update. i had family in all of the snowy places this year. good morning. that snow is not done across parts of colorado and minnesota. we have snow moving into parts of the texas panhandle. amarillo, texas. you are talking about the prospect of snowflakes.
2:38 am
this storm system cold today in dallas, texas. you are not going to make it out of the 50s. 40 for kansas city and minneapolis as well. 46 over in the city of denver. we still have the snow picking up significant snowfall. some spots over 8 inches of it. otherwise more heavy vain headed on the gulf coast. >> it's now time for your starting lineup. top sports stories of the morning. two nba teams fight to go stay alive in the playoffs. upset the new york knicks 92-86. the celtics head back to boston for game 6 down 3 games to 2. houston rockets with a big 107-100 win. they play again in houston on friday also down three games to 2. a bombshell dropped by chicago
2:39 am
cubs owner tom brikas. he would consider moving them out of wrigley field unless a board or outfield sign is approved. they need the revenue from the signs without it costing tax payer dollars. talk about an amazing alley, alley-oop that is. the pastor puts the ball through his legs and flicks it off the back field by liz heels. he throw it is down with an impressive dunk. >> look at that look at that. >> so high up in the air. amazing. >> coming up image $2 for soda on an airplane. not so bad. what? what about $100 for a carry on that is what one airline is doing.
2:40 am
>> a frosty fight. a turf war brewing between two ice cream truck drivers. who will win the battle of the sweet tweet? we will have that coming up. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet?
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>> 43 after the top you aof the. there are reports mahmoud
2:44 am
ahmadinejad was arrested and detained for several hours. according to the report he was told to keep quiet about information that could hurt islam's islamic regime. he is threatening to release damaging information if his candidate does not win the election. >> it is an open and closed case. that's what the former lead detective in the oscar pistorius murder case is saying. he was found shot dead in pistorius homequote he shot her. he has stepped down since he once faced attempted murder charges himself. >> if you think some of the new airline fees are awed dash shoes, wait until you hear that frontier airlines are doing. how does $100 sound for a carry-on bag? fox business network diane macedo has more on this. really, diane? are you serious? >> kind of.
2:45 am
they announced they will be charging higher fees for coffee soda and carry-on bag if they don't go right from their web site. they will charge for bags for those who buy the fare from travel sites. with the hire end who show up at boarding time with bags that need to be checked. there will still be no charge for smaller items you tuck under the seat in front of you and all tickets purchased will include a free carry on. those customers still have to pay 1.99 for coffee, tea, soda and juice on flight. the new fees ensure the airline's most loyal customers have more space for carry-on bags and all have access to the lowest fares possible. the changes won't be a win for the consumer but he suspects other airlines will study this
2:46 am
move and also copy it in the future. frontier is owned by republic airways have been looking for a new buyer for the past 15 months. it could have something to do with that, heather. >> bad news all around. it is 46 minutes after the hour. coming up we will tell you about a key finding about what causes migraines that could lead to a cure some day. >> one of the biggest box office stars of all time is stepping into the spotlight today. he joins us live in the studio next with michael samaro. but first steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> i will be here all week. dr. mark seigel looks at strange body signs and separates fact from fiction and michelle mal pin and john stossel are here plus anna kooiman is sweating in the plaza with a special workout just for couples.
2:47 am
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>> it is 10 minutes before the hour. migraines run in families. researches know why. they identified a genetic mutation associated with a typical form of a migraine. this could make it easier to find new drugs to treat them. permanent alimony will remain permanent in florida. >> rick scott vetoing a bill that would ahave made florida te 5th state to do this. that bill made it harder to get alimony in short term marriages and prevented payments from lasting longer than one-half of the length of the marriage.
2:51 am
heather? >> the time now is to step into the fox site with michael tamaro. >> we have been waiting for you. he managed to catch up with one of the stars of true blood. it premiered the 6th season already? >> 6th season starts june 16th. he plays southern bad boy from the hit show. he gives us a sneak peek at what to expect this season. >> i have already got three episodes in the cannon. look, we are just forging ahead. it has been a great run. >> he is great. >> that show scares me. he is cute, he's cute. >> so dimming the fox light on the white house correspondent i am so jealous. i saw the pictures. >> fox had an all star cast of
2:52 am
celebrities and all star elites. they caught the nerd prom. we asked also the stars who joined us. we asked if they remembered what their first prom was like? >> i did the whole limo thing, the bright colored suit. it was really tacky, but at the time i was the cool dancer at school. >> awkward, weird haircuts, way too big of a suit. just kind of the most awkward situation of my life that i have tried to forget now you bring it up. >> i went to prom my freshman year because i got invited by my brother's ex-girlfriend who was a senior. i went because you always want to be the only freshman at prom. >> you have to come with us next
2:53 am
year. be my date. >> i will take you up on that. i will go for sure. >> coming up next, shining the fox light. we have been waiting for this one on may 4th. is may the 4th be with you national star wars day. >> it is national star wars day. it's a fan generated holiday that highlights a movie franchise that earned 4.4 million at the box office 250 in retail sales. joining us to mark it is our special guest our first live guest chewbacca. >> this is exciting. kids at home, chewbacca is here. got up early for us this morning. can i say hello chewbacca? >> chewbacca takes a long time in hair and makeup. >> did a great job. i must say.
2:54 am
you are not shiny at all. maybe a little glossed. >> so may 4th. >> may 4th national star wars day. you can catch it all at fox news chewbacca, thank you as well. we appreciate it. >> you know it's going to be a great day when you wake up with chewbacca. >> you should come to the dinner with us next year. >> 6 minutes until the top of the hour. still ahead a meltdown happening over a turf war. two ice cream trucks, the drivers fighting over who can serve up the frosty treats. it's your last chance to answer our question of the day. earlier we told you about a new study it claims being selfish is the key to a successful relationship. we want to know if you agree. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard even in stupid loud places.
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>> welcome back. two minutes till the top of the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. a rare white tiger cubs making their debut at a zoo in japan. the four cubs are the first to be born in capital teuft. they are just -- born in captivity. they are just over a year old. >> the bad. this driver of a snow cone joe ice cream truck arrested for stalking and harassing a driver.
2:59 am
cops say the driver would follow a mr. ding a ling truck yelling threats. apparently he has been warned about it before and is now facing three months in jail. finally the ugly. uglier than that? here's what's going on. could this be the worse ever? this video going viral on youtube showing this guy studying for finals at the naval academy. meanwhile his roommate doing everything to distract him. is it real or is his roommate in on it? >> time for your responses to the question of the day. >> bill says the key to a successful relationship is balance. sometimes selfish and sometimes unselfish. >> rosemary says i don't think being selfish is good for a relationship. >> it takes two types of
3:00 am
people to make it in this world. givers and takers. if you're a giver and your partner is a taker, then get out of it. thanks everybody who responded to that. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. >> good morning. today is thursday, may 2. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen this morning. >> they did not call police. instead they helped them hide. these three men charged with covering up the boston bomber trail. this morning disturbing new text messages revealed. >>steve: a breakthrough in the terror attacks in benghazi. indifference from the white house. >> benghazi happened a long time ago. >>steve: really? a long time ago. why this may all be part of a coverup strategy. we're going to discuss